How would you feel if someone decided to build a 300 metre tall tower in your neighborhood?

Excited? Upset? Outraged?

A bunch of Parisians in the late 1880’s were not enthused by the idea at all. That’s right — people actually resisted the Eiffel Tower.

Most of us think this is crazy. We understand that the Eiffel Tower has helped to attract millions of visitors to Paris over the last century and a half, and there are few who think of it as anything other than one of the most beautiful human-made landmarks in the world.

But back when there were no towers…

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You wonder all your life why you’re carrying that roadblock around, why you can’t move past that obstacle.

You have that mountain to climb, and no matter how much time you spend thinking of it, through it and every which way about it, you can’t decide how to proceed.

Maybe you’ve been scared to try something new because of what people might think of and say about you.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a business but never knew how to get…

Think about it for a second.

If there were no people in the world, there would be no problems either.

All the madness that we deal with all the time is the product of people. Not the world.

“Problems only exist in the human mind. Reality is not problematic. Take away human beings from this planet and life would go on, and nature would go on, in all her loveliness and her violence. Where would the problem be? No problem, You ARE the problem” — Anthony De Mello; Awareness

What is the biggest pain point you endure in your day-to-day…

‘Being your own boss’ is a pretty naive goal in my world.

For generations, the dream has been to quit working for the man so that you can run your own life and be the boss.

BUT there are numerous pitfalls to this logic, as appealing as being your own boss can be, particularly to those people who don’t like their boss.

If that’s you, then raise your hand. Now comment below if you’re raising your hand!! (Lol).

What does the COVID-19 Epidemic reveal about people?

This is one of the most interesting things to pay attention to at the moment:

Looking at how different people and different sections of society react to our current challenges now that the pause button has been hit on industry, and we are asked to act in the interests of the greater good.

A lot of us have had to take drastic measures to protect our own interests, and the interests of others. But is this a time to just be concerned with me, me, me…?

What do you think? Is your…

Do you know what happened to suicide rates after the September 11 attacks in New York, in 2001?

They decreased.

The same was also true of mental health symptoms in already hospitalised patients. Accounts of New Yorkers at this time reflect on the immediate post-9–11 period nostalgically… because there was a strong bond and unity throughout the city, in the spirit of resilience and togetherness.

These are some of the findings reported in Sebastian Junger’s phenomenal book Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging which I thoroughly recommend.

Source: SebastianJunger

This book explores why soldiers and societies will often prefer war-time and trauma —…

Do you know why we say “bless you” when someone sneezes? What does this say about our culture?

Apparently the reason we say “bless you” goes back to the time of the plague. As a sneeze was a symptom of the plague, when someone said “bless you” it was the form of a little prayer… a prayer that you wouldn’t die of the epidemic wiping out half of Europe.

Yet to this day, centuries after the devastation of the plague, we have retained this custom.

On some level customs are sweet and nostalgic… but sometimes they are just vestigial.

The Role of the Observational Comedian


Want to know when you’re succeeding at carving your own path? Your answer to the question “what do you do?” is a complicated one.

This is a point raised by Tim Ferris in Four Hour Work Week. One of the go-to lines used when meeting a new person, is, ‘so what do you do?’.

To which we reply with a job title. A job title for a job which most of us hate doing. And it is quite sad that we live in a society where most of us define ourselves by a job we do not have passion for.

I’m not sure if you know, but this morning was a beautiful morning!

Who doesn’t love a sleep in? But there is something to be said for being around when the world wakes up.

Before 9am this morning I:

Heard from an old friend who I didn’t know had started a business for herself.

I heard from another mate in the UK who is generously taking the time to try and organise EPL tickets for me. He reassured me that he has friends looking into it!

My mate Nick sent me a Lion King clip (I think he just read…

The journey as a business owner delivers lots of “ah-ha” moments. They happen during conferences, when listening to podcasts and talking to others.

Hands up if you’ve ever had that glass-shattering realisation, where you think, ‘I should have been doing this all along!’ or ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’.

Me! Me! Me! Me!

There’s nothing better when someone drops a gold nugget in your lap and you think, ‘This is a turning point for me’.

But then. Radio silence… nothing changes.

Why is that Joe?

Example: Girls

Joe Wehbe

I write about WILD — Without-the-Box Thinking, Investing, Learning and the Deepest Truths. Co-Founder of the Constant Student Learning Community.

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